This is the first webinar in the series of Intelligent Finance Transformation taking place through-out September 2020. Attend this session to gain easy and powerful insights into what are the best and most leveraging operating practices resulting in best Financial Close performance from the global logistics industry and what you could learn to your business.

This webinar is aimed at Finance Professionals, Accountants and Controllers, finance managers, FDs and CFOs.

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Logistics industry at the forefront of the R2R process efficiency

We want you to think about your financial close process like a logistics company thinks about getting a shipment from A to B. Getting it done in the fastest and most efficient way. Sometimes fast and efficient do not go hand in hand but that is why we must learn from those that have mastered this process.

In principle, your record to report process does not add any value to your company. However, getting numbers fast and in high quality is in high demand. That makes numbers relevant for making faster and better decisions. Hence, this should be the goal for your financial close process. Minimize the time and effort used on producing the numbers so you can maximize the efforts on using the numbers.

That is the simple essence of financial closing and today tools are easily available to make it happen. Learn from the best to gain confidence that you can realize this in your company too. We are confident that everyone from the CEO to the accounts payable clerk can see the benefit in that. What is stopping you from becoming faster and more efficient in your financial close process?

Webinar speaker:


Satu Schroderus de Rooij – Finance Transformation lead and Automation professional, Afin Management, Afin Management

Satu has 20+ years of experience in the global logistics industry-leading various finance, control and BPO roles in HQ, regional and country setups. Her curriculum includes:

  • DHL Worldwide

  • Spring Global Delivery solutions

  • PostNL

  • Maersk APM Terminals and

  • CEVA Logistics, where she was leading the ‘greatest pace of transformation’ with the BPO provider.

Since 2018 Satu is independent entrepreneur, Interim director and consultant at Afin management, and has helped, e.g. FedEx TNT in new processes.

Satu is additionally speaker and coach, passionate and insightful about finance operations and transformation, organisations and helping teams to excel.

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