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Intercompany invoicing is often a complex and high-risk process within Global Organisations – timing differences, multiple ERP systems, and different accounting policies, all increase the risk of mismatches, material misstatement, and even regulatory fines and fees.

Aico offers a solution with its Intercompany Invoicing functionality, allowing your finance teams to generate and book Customer and Vendor invoices to both parties at the same time, and in this Webinar, we will show you:

  • How you can use defined templates to raise both AR and AP invoices with shared supporting evidence
  • A defined workflow is available for approvals and a full audit trail irrespective of the ERP systems each party is using
  • Automated journal creation and posting to the relevant ERP systems in the same financial period

Webinar presenters:

Sarah Bellerby profile photo copy

Sarah Bellerby, Solutions Consultant at Aico

As a qualified accountant with a background in Audit, Sarah started her career working in organisations with extremely manual and fragmented processes. For the past 10 years, Sarah has been driven by her passion for identifying and implementing intelligent solutions to streamline financial processes, mitigate risk and increase compliance. For the past 2 years, Sarah has been working specifically in the Record to Report arena, supporting customers in their Finance Transformation projects to implement intelligent financial close automation solutions.

Shivam portrait

Shivam Dosa, Head of Service Delivery at Aico

An ACCA qualified accountant with a passion for RPA and improving productivity in the workplace by utilising technology. Shiv has a broad background, spanning from working in Corporate Finance to Financial Control to Project Implementations, This experience has given him a solid foundation for Financial Close Automation within Aico.

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