Is it possible to automatically run ERP system reports directly from your closing application? How about instantly refreshing account reconciliation data with live ERP integration – without batch file downloads?

Yes, it is! Join this webinar to learn:

  • Why are batch file transfers between your closing applications and your ERP systems stalling automation?

  • What is API or live integration to the ERP systems?

  • How does live integration unlock more automation and efficiency?

  • What are the real-life examples and benefits?

Many financial close applications look way cool and promise a lot. They provide automation features, dashboards, document templates, and process workflows custom-built for your month-end closing.

But much of the work depends on getting your financial data from your ERP systems to your closing applications accurately, reliably, and quickly. So the underlying integration, which does this job, makes a big difference to the overall performance.

This webinar will demonstrate how API-based or live integration between your closing applications and ERP systems improves automation and efficiency. Tune in now!

Webinar presenters:

Efe Udugba, EMEA Sales Representative at Aico Group.

Sales Director with over 16 years experience in Business Development and Global Enterprise Sales, including 6+ years Enabling Finance Automation Solutions for Enterprise Customers. Focused on Revenue growth in the UK and European Markets at Aico.

Sarah Bellerby, Head of Presales at Aico Group.

As a qualified accountant with a background in Audit, Sarah started her career working in organisations with extremely manual and fragmented processes. For the past 10 years, Sarah has been driven by her passion for identifying and implementing intelligent solutions to streamline financial processes, mitigate risk and increase compliance. For the past 2 years, Sarah has been working specifically in the Record to Report arena, supporting customers in their Finance Transformation projects to implement intelligent financial close automation solutions.

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