Learn how to improve manual payments processes: 


With fraud being an ever-present concern, when dealing with manual payments, companies are looking for a better solution. Needing greater security, better documentation processes, and an easy audit is at the top of financial leaders’ minds, but not all leaders know that there is a way to do this with manual payments. The truth is though that you can do all the above by changing the way you approach manual payments. 

The manual payments webinar will cover:

  • The ‘four eyes’ principle — introducing approvals and mandatory supporting documentation for all kinds of payments.

  •  Secure payment initiation (PAIN) file creation — protecting approved payment documents from tampering

  • End-to-end payment management —  closing the process loop with automated journal postings based on the executed payment

  •  Easy audit —  tracking irregularities and providing a clear audit trail 


Sarah Bellerby

Solutions Consultant


Sebastian Bülow

Treasury Specialist 


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