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In the first two episodes of this Financial Close Task Management webinar series, we looked at the benefits of replacing Excel spreadsheets with dedicated closing task management software and applying automation to manual tasks. Once you have these improvements in place the next step is to transform your financial close into a truly holistic process.

Eliminate bottlenecks and unnecessary delays by connecting account reconciliation and journal entry management processes to your closing task management system. It’s time to look into holistic financial close management if you:

Use separate applications for close task management and other financial close processes like manual journal entries and account reconciliation.

  • Manually create and post journals from a closing task.

  • Lose time on dependent tasks for account reconciliations.


Webinar speakers:


Harri Laatikainen – Partners & Alliance Business Developer at Aico Group

Harri is a software industry veteran helping enterprise organisations to transform record-to-report processes with the help of intelligent automation and a pan-European network of partners.

Clive colour

Clive Jefferies, Product Manager at Aico Group.

With over 30 years of experience in finance and IT, Clive has in-depth knowledge of record-to-report accounting processes and intelligent automation solutions. Having worked for the likes of IBM and Microsoft as well as consulting large global companies, Clive holds the expertise on end-to-end financial close processes.

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