Account Monitor for integrity of financial reporting and more

Wrong or incomplete GL transactions often occur unnoticed until the end of the month, when they all have to be fixed under a strict financial close deadline. Postings with duplicate line items, missing cost centres or assignment numbers are just some of the issues which add to the manual work at the end of the month and jeopardise the reliability of financial reports.

In this webinar, we will look at Account Monitor – a crucial tool that helps accountants, financial controllers, and internal controls managers to keep the General Ledger transactions in check for fraud, data accuracy and compliance.

Webinar presenter:

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Sarah Bellerby, Senior Solutions Consultant at Aico

A qualified Accountant with a passion for implementing intelligent solutions to streamline financial processes, mitigate risk and increase compliance. Having worked in the R2R arena for several years, I have valuable experience in Financial Close Automation Solutions.

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