What is new and special today is likely to be part of basics tomorrow. How much can actually change in 5 years? The global COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated automation and proven that remote work actually works, making it clear that a lot can change in a relatively short period of time. What do You imagine to be the key changes in the next 5 years? More or less outsourcing? More controllers or less? What may be different future scenarios? Please Join our Sneak peek into the future -session on 29th September to imagine how the finance function would look like in 2025.

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Webinar speaker:


Satu Schroderus de Rooij – Finance Transformation lead and Automation professional, Afin Management.

Satu has 20+ years of experience in the global logistics industry-leading various finance, control and BPO roles in HQ, regional and country setups. Her curriculum includes:

  • DHL Worldwide

  • Spring Global Delivery solutions

  • PostNL

  • Maersk APM Terminals and

  • CEVA Logistics, where she was leading the ‘greatest pace of transformation’ with the BPO provider.

Since 2018 Satu is independent entrepreneur, Interim director and consultant at Afin management, and has helped, e.g. FedEx TNT in new processes.

Satu is additionally speaker and coach, passionate and insightful about finance operations and transformation, organisations and helping teams to excel.


Harri Laatikainen – Partners & Alliance Business Developer at Aico Group

Harri is a software industry veteran helping enterprise organisations to transform record-to-report processes with the help of intelligent automation and a pan-European network of partners.

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